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Every child deserves to be happy

When your child or teen is struggling, you feel their pain. 


Anxiety or difficulties in school are tough to manage at any age.  You want them to be happy and confident and to thrive in the classroom.


Dr. Heather Chamberlain supports your child or teen in building skills that they need to succeed.

When your child is having a tough time, you want an experienced therapist who knows how to help.

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Dr. Heather Chamberlain


As a psychologist with over 15 years experience with children, I help children and teens birth to 18 feel better and help parents feel better equipped to support their family during tough times in Marin County, California. 

With a specialties in anxiety, school difficulties, parenting, trauma, grief, and specialized services for young children 0-5, I offer therapy and assessment services that fit your family's needs.


 Areas of focus include anxiety, depression, parent-child difficulties, grief, trauma, self-esteem, friendships issues, and ADHD.

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 Areas of focus include behavioral difficulties, temperament challenges, and parenting strategies.

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 Testing can identify developmental strengths and recommendations for areas that require additional support.

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Contact:  Heather Chamberlain, PsyD 

101 Lucas Valley Dr #267 San Rafael CA 94903

Phone:  415-524-7882  


Marin Meaningful Therapy & Assessment Center

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