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Dr. Heather Chamberlain

Licsensed Psychologist

Image of Dr. Heather Chamberlain Psychologist

Being a kid isn't easy and being a parent isn't either.  In a warm and caring way, I support your family in learning skills to manage stress, anxiety, sadness, school difficulties, and other issues for children and teens birth to 18.

With over 15 years of experience, I help children and families dealing with grief, developmental concerns, trauma, regulation difficulties, and other mental health concerns.  I also work with highly sensitive children and highly sensitive people who happen to be parents.

 While I serve children of all ages, I specialize in providing therapy for young children 0-5 and parenting consultation as well as developmental testing for children birth to six.  I also work extensively with children 6 to 18, focusing on anxiety, depression, family difficulties, learning difficulties, school troubles, and other issues.

I have extensive training in trauma, assessment, development, and childhood issues and I bring this experience into the therapy room with your family.  My goal is for services to fit your needs, from one or two check-in sessions to more in depth treatment as needed.

I offer appointments during the day, after school, and after work to best fit your schedule.  If I am not the right fit for your child or teen, I will try to connect you with someone who is.  My goal is for your family to have someone who meets your needs, whatever those might be.

I am fluent in Spanish, Harry Potter, Marvel, & Star Wars and proficient in DC , Disney, & video games (Minecraft and Fornite included.)

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